Fabric Organization and Blank Clothing Storage

Fabric organization

I have to make a confession…I have a craft problem.  Specifically a craft supply problem.  Like I go to Hobby Lobby to buy one particular thing for a project and walk out with 10 other items that I “might” need later.  This problem has only increased since I started doing machine embroidery.  Now I have my eyes on a new beautiful supply…fabric.  The possibilities are endless with applique fabric combinations.  One design can look so different depending on what fabrics[Read more]

DIY Craft Table and Pegboard

DIY Craft Table and Fabric Organization

In my last post, I confessed that I might have a slight obsession embroidery and applique.  A few years ago, my newfound hobby took over my dining room table pretty quickly.  I had my machine set up at one end and I used the other end to spread out my shirts and get them ready (hooped) to put on the machine.  I began collecting fabric every time I went shopping, which also piled up on my table.   The organizer in[Read more]

How to get Started with Machine Embroidery: Supplies you Need

How to get started with Machine Embroidery

When I had my first little girl, I got some embroidered items at my baby shower for her.  I don’t know if it was seeing “Abigail” stitched on something for the first time or all the hormones, but I fell in love with all things embroidered after that.  I guess it took having a baby for me to discover all of the adorable things out there that are embroidered.  In the south everyone loves a good monogram here, but when[Read more]

Easy Medicine Cabinet Organization

Easy Medicine Cabinet Organization using inexpensive baskets and labels

Now that Fall is upon us, so is cold and flu season.  So far we have had 2 stomach bugs, 2 ear infections, and last night my older daughter had a fever of 104 degrees.  In order to be prepared, medications need to be easily accessible.  Trust me, you don’t want to be searching for children’s ibuprofen at 3 a.m. and not be able to find it!  We keep our most used items in an upper cabinet in the kitchen.[Read more]

Freezer Inventory Printable

Freezer Inventory Printable- Free

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I know I am ready for the weekend!  In my last post, I shared how I organized my freezer.  Once I was done, I quickly realized that even though I remember what is in my freezer now, in a few weeks I will probably forget again.  So to solve that problem I made a freezer inventory printable that I wanted to share with you… for FREE :). Organized[Read more]

How to Tackle Freezer Organization

Freezer organization using plastic storage containers and organizing food into groups

I have been living with my newly organized refrigerator for about a month now and am LOVING it.  Because food is organized by groups and is labeled, my husband and kids have not messed it up LOL.  Also a quick tip for you; label your leftovers with a piece of washi tape and write the date you cooked it.  This comes in so handy when cleaning out the fridge.  I write dates on everything I open as well.  My Kitchen Home[Read more]

Meal Planning Center with Free Printable

Create a Meal Planning Center in your Pantry or Kitchen. Keep Recipes Organized and use Free Printable to plan out your weekly meals.

One of my biggest struggles as a parent is the never ending question of “What’s for dinner?”.  I really dislike that question.  If it were up to me I would eat cereal every night.  Ok maybe not EVERY night, pizza is nice too haha.  No, but seriously, every day when we get home it is always a scramble to throw something on the table for us to eat.  And it never fails that I always succumb to the same 4[Read more]

8 Neutral Fall Decor Favorites from Pier One

Neutral Fall Decor Hello Fall Sign Pier 1

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fall is right around the corner and I can’t wait for the weather to cool down and to start decorating!  My only issue with fall decorating is that I typically am drawn to blues and greens.  So putting a lot of orange and red colored items around my house just doesn’t fit well.  I am always on the hunt for more neutral colored items that blend well with my home.  Today I wanted to share[Read more]

An Organized Pantry with Wire Shelving Hack

Organized Pantry with Wire Shelving Hack

When I first moved into my house, one of the things I loved about it was that it had a walk in pantry/ laundry room.  The room is about 8’4″ x 5’7″ and has 5 rows of wire shelving for food storage.  There used to be a wire shelf above the washer and dryer too, but we pulled that out when we moved in and I’ve got big plans for that area…later.  We added another small shelving unit to the[Read more]

How to Make your own Produce Saver Containers for Cheap

Produce Saver Container

We love to eat fruit in our house.  But it never fails that if we don’t eat our berries within a few days of buying them, they usually go bad.  I have seen fancy produce saver containers for sale, but they are so expensive.  So today I’m am sharing my cheap hack on how to make your own produce saver containers. In the past, I have come home from the grocery store and just put the produce in the fridge.[Read more]